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About Phil Morden:

An avid shooter and gun collector, Phil Morden created Run-N-Gun Action Shooting Sports so people could learn more about his favorite pastime. He has been an outdoorsman all of his life, becoming an Eagle Scout in high school and competing in local three gun competitions that eventually earned him a spot as a contestant on Season 3 of History Channel's show Top Shot. He believes everyone should feel comfortable picking up a firearm and by sharing his knowledge and opinions of weapons on this site he hopes people will gain new knowledge and enthusiasm for the hobbies he enjoys so much.

About Run-N-Gun Productions:

The goal of this website is to inspire people to pick up a weapon and learn a new skill set. We hope you will expand your knowledge of weapons and see that they are not intimidating, but motivating. They bring people together to participate in many activities in many settings from shooting competitions to hunting.

On Runngunproductions.com

On this site you will find comprehensive guides to the latest and greatest weapons, tips, and tricks in the shooting world. Our site, youtube page, blog, twitter page, and facebook page are here for you to explore shooting and connect with people with similar interests to yours. We hope you'll get a look, get interested, and get shooting.